Women of note

I’m too late for International Women’s Day, but I thought that this exercise was worth doing regardless, since every day should be a day for celebrating female talents and achievements, too often overlooked. I’ll start with the most important woman in my life, my mother. Those teenage years of misunderstandings and pushing back against the […]

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The Fighter Still Remains

My final posting for spn_cinema – the fanfic to go with the art post HERE Title: The Fighter Still Remains Movie prompt: Warrior Pairing: Gen (maybe a hint of wincest) Rating: R for violence & swearing Length: ~8500 words Warnings: Medical stuff written by a non-medical person, so bear with me if some details are […]

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Sketch of Dean

Done for Viv’s 50th – pencil drawing about 2 inches square which I’ve cut out and stuck decoupage-like to a small box. Sadly I failed to ink it before I varnished it so am not sure what it is going to look like when the varnish is dry….

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